1. Protection of the personal data of the Customer who is a natural person is provided by the Act no. 101/2000 Coll. (the “Act”), on personal data protection, as amended.

2. The Customer agrees with processing of those personal data: first name and surname, address of their residence, name of the company, identification number, VAT number, electronic address, phone number (the “Personal Data”). The personal data disclosed willingly by the Customer for the purposes of placing the order and marketing are collected, processed and stored in compliance with law.

3. The Seller warrants that the Personal data are confidential and such will be used only for the performance of the agreement entered into with the Customer and the Seller and for Seller’s marketing purposes (incl. marketing activities performed together with Seller’s contractual partners). The Personal data will not be published or disclosed to third parties, with the exception of cases where such disclosure is necessary for the distribution of and payment for the ordered products (name, account number, shipping address) or for special marketing purposes.

4. The Customer agrees that the Seller will process their Personal Data for the purpose of the realization of rights and duties arising from the Purchase Contract and for the administration of the User Account.
If the Customer does not select another option, then they also agree with the processing of the Personal Data for the purpose of the sending of information and business or marketing notifications by the Seller to the Customer.

5. The Customer acknowledges that they are obliged to provide their Personal Data correctly and truthfully and that they are obliged to inform the Seller about any change of their Personal Data without undue delay.

6. The Seller has the right to appoint any third person as the processor of the Customer’s personal data. The Customer’s personal data shall not be transferred to any third person without the Customer’s prior consent with the exception of persons responsible for the transport of the products (delivery companies).

7. Personal Data shall be processed for an indefinite period of time, or until revoked by the Customer. Personal Data shall be processed electronically and automatically or manually on a printed form.

8. The Customer confirms that the provided Personal Data is exact and that they were informed about the fact that it is a voluntary provision of Personal Data.

9. In the case when the Customer deems that the Seller or processor (Article 9.5) is processing their Personal Data in contradiction to the protection of private and personal life of the Customer or in contradiction to the Act, especially when the Personal Data is inaccurate with regard to the purpose of processing, it has the right to: request an explanation from the Seller or processor,
- demand removal of such an issue by the Seller or processor.

10. If the Customer will request information about processing of its Personal Data, then the Seller shall give the Customer such information. The Seller has the right to demand adequate compensation of expenses for provision of above mentioned information; however such expenses shall not exceed expenses necessary for the provision of information.

11. The Seller reserves the right to collect data as to the Customers’ activities on the Website and use the same in anonymised form to enhance its services.

12. In obtaining the consent to personal data processing, the Seller may use cookies in compliance with Directive 95/46/EC (the “Cookie Directive”). The Customer agrees with the saving of so called cookies on their computer. If it is possible to purchase something on the Website and if it is possible that the Seller’s obligations arising from the Purchase Contract can be fulfilled without the saving of so called cookies on the Customer’s computer, then the Customer has the right to withdraw this consent. The users may prevent the cookies from being stored in their end devices, for instance, by running the anonymous browsing function.

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